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  1. My great grandfather was James E Snead. Son of Dianah Beasley and the unknown dead snead. I saw lots of war stuff, some on George Washington on the Fayette County Ga. Archives History. Don’t know where. It’s free to search. James E was a brother to George Washington. He’s got a civil war plaque and is buried in Forney Al. U can try to contact me if u want. 256-475-5388. I’m super busy. We have a Snead reunion in a few weeks. Maybe u should come cuz. Any info u have would be appreciated on Dianah’s 1st husband. Oh yeah, found out this week she’s buried in Antioch cemetary in Qwinnett Ga. Ur site looks great. Later….

  2. Have lots of info on my mother’s great grandfather James E Snead 1836-1886. Also his brothers Garland and John Morgan of Company H, 48th Alabama.

    Absolom Snead sent three sons to Virginia and only granpaw came back after being wounded and captured at the Wilderness. He is buried at old Bethel Baptist in Forney next to his wife Harriet. We do not know where Charity is buried. Maybe Fayette County Georgia.

    My great grandmother (his daughter in law) had uncles in the famous 18th Georgia. Really, really amazing regimental war record.

    There is a George Washington Snead buried at Hebron Baptist cemetery in Key near great grandpa Snead. He may be his half brother. I am an Army of Northern Virginia expert if you would like to discuss anything technical. Otherwise I am just responding to some of the ADC message board postings about the Snead family Bible. It probably ended up with William “Bud” Snead 1871-1941. He was the richest man in Cherokee County at the turn of the century.

    God bless,

    one of James E Sneads great great grandsons

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