Who was John and Wash’s father?

The mystery of “Unknown Snead” is one that many have tried to solve.  Ken Snead has done by far the most research into this question.  His theory (and he has convinced me) is that ”Unknown Snead” and Absalom Snead (1811-?) were brothers, sons of one of Henley Snead’s (1736-1816) sons, Solomon (1766-ca1836). Unknown and Absalom were both married to John and Wash’s mother, Dianah Beasley (1812-1886).  Unknown Snead died when the boys wer young and they lived with Dianah and their step-father, Absalom, in Fayette County, GA from a very early age.

Here’s the listing for the family in the 1850 U.S. Census:



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  1. All I have on G. W. is below. I don’t hae his parents or siblings.
    Subject: Re: Snead Family Bible – Georgia
    Author: Jennifer Hensley
    Date: 26 Feb 2004 9:48 PM GMT
    I very much appreciate your offer to help see if there is any connection. I’ll give you as many names and dates as I have, which unfortunately, aren’t too many.

    Going by my g-grandfathers name, Robert Edward Snead, I found him on the 1880 census records as a 12 yr old. child. It shows his father as George Washington Snead, age 45, born in and both of his parents from N. Carolina. His wife, Harriet, age 40, born in Georgia and both of her parents from S. Carolina. Their other children were Thomas, Elizabeth, Emma, Loula and Henry.

    My great great grandparents, Robert Edward Snead and Mary Francis Stowers Snead, both shown to be from Atlanta, GA per my g-grandfathers birth certificate. I have estimated Robert E to be born 1870. I have also found that he went by R. E. Snead in later years, as did my g-grandfather. Their children were:

    My g-grandfather was Rupert Earl Snead, b. 15 May 1892 in Atlanta, GA, d. 25 Aug 1963 in Houston, TX. His siblings were: Paul Eugene Snead, b. approx 1898/99, d. 25 Nov 1943; Charles C. Snead, b. approx 1902, d.2 Feb. 1954; James P. Snead, b. 22 Jul 1909, d.June 1971; and a sister named Flora, but I have no information on her. All were born in Atlanta, Fulton Cty, GA as far as I know.

    Rupert Earl was married to Daisy Wilbanks, also from GA. Daisy died 11 Oct 1923. They had 3 children: Rupert Earl II, Mary Elizabeth (my grandmother, b. 2 Mar 1915, d. 13 Feb 1996); and Willie Marie. Rupert married Edna Mae Damon in Sept 1925. The family settled in Houston, TX approx. 1929-1930.

    Paul E. married to Sara(h), had 3 children: Paul E. Snead, Jr,
    Jack I. Snead (who later married Frances Finch), and a daughter (I couldn’t make out the name on the census). I believe they remained in the Atlanta area.

    Charles C. Snead married to Alberta, had 2 children, Charles B. and Roberta. They lived in the Atlanta area and Charles was a commercial artist, at some time working for the Atlanta Constitution newspaper.

    James P. Snead became a priest and was ordained in Ohio in June 1939. I know he served at a church in Alaska.

    The only information I was given about Flora was that she married a policeman.

    I don’t know if this is enough information to help, but it’s pretty much all I have except more current info on my grandparents, mother and my generations.

    Thank you again for researching this for me.
    Author: Nolan K. Snead Date: 27 Feb 2004 1:46 PM GMT
    Surnames: Snead
    Classification: Query
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    Other than the 1880 census, do you have any additional evidence that your Robert Edward SNEAD was the son of George Washington and Harriet (BOWERS) SNEAD? If indeed your Robert Edward was G. W. SNEAD’s son, then I am very interested in the Bible you seek and your family history. I may have much information of interest to you.

    Harriet BOWERS was G. W. SNEAD’s 2nd wife. George Washington SNEAD and his first wife, Mary Ann BOWERS had one son, William Thomas SNEAD. He married Henrietta SNEAD (likely his 2nd cousin). Henrietta was my ggrandfather John James SNEAD’s sister. I have substantial information about G. W. SNEAD and his ancestors and siblings. There are also quite a few other researchers who are descendants of G. W. SNEAD’s brothers and half-brothers. As you may or may not know, there is a substantial mystery about the ancestry of George Washington Snead. The Bible you seek could very well shed light on an incomplete picture of his ancestry.

    Therefore, I am very interested in exchanging additional information about these families and keeping abreast of your search for the Bible you are seeking.

  2. Most are saying they think Absolum married his young widowed aunt who was a year younger. That would make James, Washington and John, Absolum’s young first cousins. (Fathered by his uncle Soloman.) Whom Absolum raised along with his son Garland and the younger children of Dianah. Dianah being the real birth mom of all the kids.

    The only other possibility was Daniel Benjamin Snead was the father of James, Washington and John. Which would have required a divorce by Dianah for adultery since Daniel B. had children by a young woman late in life right before the Civil War, and lived beyond the war by a few years. The other early 19th century brothers were much too stable and married too long to other people or died too young to fit the necessary chronological circumstances. The death of Soloman may be the more plausible explanation.

    There is still a question concerning who John Morgan Snead was exactly. He was shot dead in Company H of the 48th Alabama in their first battle at Cedar Mountain. There is a J M Snead listing being born in 1844.

  3. J M Snead died in 1880 and had kids after the Civil War. Safe bet he did not die at Cedar Mountain. I wonder if the young John listed with George Washington, James and Garland Snead in the 1850 household of Absolum and Dianah is the same John listed in the 44th Georgia.

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