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  1. The 44th Alabama left Selma in time for the Seven Days with A R Wright’s 3 regiment Georgia Brigade. They guarded an approach to Richmond during June before the 47th and 48th arrived in Ashland. They all were combined in Law’s Brigade during the reorganization by Lee in January 1863.

    The 47th and 48th were picked up by Stonewall Jackson for Tallifero’s Brigade on his way to Cedar Mountain, Groveton and 2nd Bull Run after the Seven Days victory ended McClellan’s initial invasion. They were both green regiments. Uncle John Morgan Snead was killed at Cedar Mountain on August 9 when the Virginia troops of Garnett’s position on the left flank were initially over run by the opening attack of General Banks. His younger brothers James and Garland were there with him.

    Garland Snead was present for duty at Antietam then died of typhoid at Cherabusco Hospital in Richmond on December 19 during the Fredricksburd Campaign. James was in the hospital with him at that time late in 1862.

    The Montgomery state archives has original muster roles showing the regiment was devastated by companies with “sick in hospital” from typhoid and other contagious diseases.
    James was present for duty at Suffolk, Gettysburg and Chicamauga. His company and A Company were selected for picket duty on the approach at Devils Den from the Emmitsburg Road area of Bisecker’s Woods. Those are the guys who draw fire and locate the enemy first as the regiment moves in an organized line deployment formation behind them. The 44th and 48th seperated from the other three regiments of Law as fate would have it for my ancestors. The 44th moved around the Devil’s Den boulders into the Valley of Death at the Slaughter Pen as the 1st, 4th and 5th Texas moved directly against Devil’s Den at the end of Houck’s Ridge. The Texans pushed the 124th New York off their position at Devil’s Den while the 44th and 48th took four of the six field guns and pushed the 4th Maine and 6th New Jersey back up Plum Run Valley in front of Round Top. The 48th came from the right of the 44th through the woods at the base of Round Top. They all held their positions as the battle died down under cover of darkness. Sickles Corps was basically destroyed by Georgians, Missisippians and South Carolinians. Hancock and Sykes saved Meade from a worse fate. Hood and McLaws troops were all from the deep south. The North Carolina troops were all in the Second and Third Corps further down the line.

    The 44th and 48th participated in the Chicamauga rout of Rosecrans when he left a brigade out of line as Hood and Longstreet came out of the woods four abrest at the present day highway road bed between Chattanooga and Atlanta. My paternal ancestor was present for duty in Company F, 44th Alabama from the Seven Days to Chicamauga. He died enroute to the Wilderness of pneumonia near Bristol Virginia. His youngest son lived near Birmingham and died in southside at present day UAB hospital in 1936. My great uncle rode with him to the hospital.

  2. Doles Georgia Brigade was in the front of Jackson’s famous left hook against Hooker and Howard when Jackson moved most of his corps down logging roads through the wooded wilderness near Melzi Chancellors. The 44th had been added to Dole’s Brigade between the battles of Fredricksburg and Chancellorsville in the reorganization of state troops the previous January. Dole had taken command at Antietam after their commander had fallen in battle.

    Howard had his troops cooking supper with arms stacked when Dole and Rodes came out of the tree line. Rode’s Alabama brigade was in their own long battle line directly behind Dole’s Brigade. The first thing Hooker’s troops saw were deer and rabbits coming out of the tree line. They must have wondered for a second what could be causing all the wild life to be flushing out of the wood line in such fashion. Moments later 1400 of Dole’s Georgians were screaming at them with loaded rifles.

    They must have felt everybody was going to start running at this point, so they all decided they would too.

    Howard stopped to rest after they crossed back over the Rapidan River. The recently immigrated german brigades to the left of Howard’s right flank brigade thought about putting up a fight but ultimately thought better of it. Just another standard result when in the way of Marse Robert. Something they learned to do after considerable practice.

    Dole also came in from the north on the first day at Gettysburg with the newly promoted Rodes and the always steady John Gordon (later Georgia governor) with the division of Jubal Early, push Howard and Newton through downtown Gettysburg two months later.

    George Doles was instantly killed by a rifle shot to the chest the following year preparing his line for the Cold Harbor assaults on their fixed positions in the trenches.

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